Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A torch of silence

Dark and silent night
Embrace me like you have always done
Even when my heart had been forsaken
You kept me warm and tucked
Under the mist of your silence
The countless stars kept me company
As we sang and danced
And shared each other's secrets

You light up my world
Sometimes with moonlight
Sometimes with a lone firefly
And at times with lightning from the sky
The music of falling rain drops
Still echo in my ears

You still greet me with the cool breeze
And I welcome you with a smile
For you know my hearts desires
I borrow my dreams from you
And you bless me with peaceful solitude

Tonight she is in my dreams again
But my thoughts are lost
A heart that floated freely among the stars
Is trapped and lost blissfully in another

Let me not leave your bosom of dreams
You have been my dearest friend
Through the tufts and trenches of life
The hours I spent with you on a rooftop
Drenched in rain
Watching light streaks bolt from the sky
And listening to the ensuing thunder
Those days are still etched in my memory
Like little diamonds on a necklace

Teach me now, the meaning of silence
The noise of the day has deafened me
And drained my ears of sweeter music
Nourish my soul with your words
And take me to God in a silent prayer
Let me be your offering
Burning like a candle at God's feet
And I will be the prayer
On your silent lips

I want to see through your darkness
Let me never despised it
For it explains to me the mysteries
That my eyes cannot see
And my heart cannot grasp

Then, lend me your dreams once more
Even for a fleeting moment
I have no dreams of my own, but hope
That I may wake up once again
Through this enchanted silence
With an eternal smile in my lips
And an angel in my heart

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