Monday, September 25, 2006

Stars don't lie

My heart beats faster
I feel the acceleration
And the exhilaration
Of a moment shared
Thoughts borrowed from each other
And returned with love

The wind blows across the seas
Carrying loads of promises
And blessings not prayed for
The stars twinkle with delight
And I dance through a cold night
With absurdly beautiful thoughts

There’s nothing rational about this
Reason has been overpowered
By intuition and wild feelings
I think I know, but I don’t
I think it is, but it may not be
But I feel this is

Soft spring raindrops kiss my face
The new moon with its wide grin
Is smiling down on me
As I loose myself in a dream
I may no longer lie among the stars
Though I know not whether I have
Found a place in her heart

I will dream for another day
Let hope flourish
And carry me above the clouds
Even if it means that I will fall again
From the skies to a cold hard ground
And break my heart
Because pain
No matter how unbearable
Is a little price to pay

And the sweetest songs spring up
To engulf me in their mirth
And their sweet melodies will echo
Forever in my heart

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