Saturday, September 02, 2006


I am a tree in the evergreen forests
Standing tall on a green mountainside
To the wind I whisper sweet secrets
And stretch my branches with pride

With my canopy I guard a little corner
Of mother Earth I grip deep and wide
She taught me we are all her children
No matter if we crawl, walk or glide

I wake with the birds every morning
Holding their nests on my twiggy maze
Then I sip the dew from green petals
As the sun lifts my blanket of haze

An army of ants pay their homage
From a secret colony I cannot trace
Monkeys climb up and embrace me
And at my feet the dear would graze

Long I have befriended the mountain
We have shared both smiles and tears
I look down at the valley below us
With memories of a thousand years

I have grown with the sun and showers
And with ardour I have played my part
Now I await my crowning glory
Of a goddess enthroned in my heart

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