Friday, August 29, 2008

Spring shall wait...

The sun is shedding its winter veil
And clouds are melting in the warmer air.
Birds will fly back on their yearly trail
When trees are adorned in summer flair
Yet my world is still trapped in winter’s gloom
Bare branches point heavenward as if in prayer
Wild flowers are waiting in their buds to bloom
Because spring cannot come until you're there

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I saw your eyes o little one
Yet unborn, unconceived, unperceived
I felt their warm dark glow
Pierce this cold dark night
Like a distant nameless star
A tear seeped through mine
Like a winter raindrop; lifeless, soulless
And gripped these helpless arms
That may not always shield you
From a merciless world
Yet I hold this flickering candle in the rain
A little fountain of starlight in my hand
Rising up to take its place in the night sky
To shine down on your world
On a distant tomorrow

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


There is a little dream
Drifting across my scruffy heart
As I sit by this little stream
Trapped in a crystal smile
And listening to a crescent moon
Whose words my mind beguile

A little drop of starlight
Scurries across the Milky Way
On a dark, cold, deserted night
To breach my sleepy eyes
As I awake from my little dream
Stronger and more wise