Friday, February 29, 2008


Summer seems to have left silently without even saying goodbye... and autumn has not yet come. The wind is cold and empty, clouds are distant and the sun is no longer warm. The trees seem unsure whether it is time to farewell the greenery of summer and put on their crimson autumn leaves. My mind is parched and my heart is bland. I know this autumn is going to be different. Perhaps it will be happier than previous times. I think it will be.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cry of the living

To the fallen combatant:

Awaken us oh brave voice, now silent;
Command thee our hearts and minds, to serve
The land that bore thee; which after a salient
Battle; thy lifeless corpse still doth preserve.

Oh eyes, from the glow of life now fastened;
Release ours to the brilliant and unhindered insight
Of thy soul; that awful violence hath hastened
To the realm of eternal peace and wisdom's light

Move us oh burly sinew, now unmoving;
Into the dark and empty gorges of our fractured wit;
Where we may find more adverse cause for grieving,
Beyond thy fiery crematorium and marble lined pit.

Redeem us, oh courageous soul unyielding;
From the cruelty that hath denied us thy golden years.
Douse the fire that burns within us unceasing;
Fueling the furnace of endless ruin with our own tears.

Dawn on living souls, oh peace of the departed;
With thy gentle hands, remove the thorns of spite
from wounded hearts, and reunite brethren once parted,
And lift our hearts to love's unassailable hight.