Monday, March 30, 2009


Condensed exhilaration, originally uploaded by halwis.

I moved… away from the edge of a raucous highway to a quiet edge of suburbia… where I am welcomed home every day by a warm sunset that dissolves into a distant tree line and watch the stars awaking to a night undisturbed by city lights. (Note to self: get a decent telescope) There’s space to revel in the pleasure of soft grass under my feet and for my ears to recuperate in a therapeutic silence. The spine is also unwinding to its natural shape once again (and I should definitely get this embarrassing little pot-belly replaced with decent abdominal muscles). Life is improving at a noticeable pace again. I’ve just had a few very good weekends of dignified company, clean fun, a lot of laughter and exhilaration. The gods of photography has also been particularly kind. My heart is beating a pace… the days are still bright, even though the saffron tint of autumn is lurking to swoop across the landscape as the last fragments of summer are blown away in the cold southerly winds… maybe it’s time to take out the guitar again and resume my quest for the finest melody and still finer words…

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Promised land


Fly through the smoke my mortal friend
Knells of death will light your way
As you wade through a sea of immortal woes
Sparing not your hopes of a another day
Others may fall wounded, maimed or dead
They all are parts of a vexing power play
Fear not; your children will be cared and fed
And spared from a life of senseless fray

When you come to my side of this insane world
(Look! I am waving at you from across the bay)
You will never be confined to an ethnic state
(The world is boundless and shrinking everyday!)
So numb your thoughts; let me show you how
To respect their guns and watch what you say
Those killed in March will get flowers in April
And convoys of freedom will arrive in May