Wednesday, January 17, 2007

big and small

I am smaller than the cloud that covers the sun
And the trees in the park that shade my path
But I am bigger than the bullet and its firing gun
That has drowned humanity in a blood bath
I am smaller than my little corner of the world
Its beautiful vistas, and the memories they hold
I am smaller than the happiness I covet and seek
And humility that elevates the broken and weak
I am bigger than the lion and the beasts it rules
And the aimless leader and his band of fools
I am bigger than the blame and false judgements
Their shallow thoughts and shrewd entrapments
I am bigger than wealth, or any price they can offer
I value the immeasurable; the quantifiable I scoffer
For I am bigger than desire that enslaves the selfish
Yet smaller than that which the heart always relish

Monday, January 08, 2007

Too tired to talk about freedom

My father has had an obsession with the word “freedom” and what it actually meant. I may have just been caught in his tide of thoughts, when I instinctively choose that name for my own blog. Somehow, I am really not in the mood to write now. I would much rather stuff myself with some pasta and go to bed hoping tomorrow will be a better day. But if any of you, like my friends, wondered why I call my blog “froodom” and what I mean by that, all I can say is Khalil Gibran’s take on ‘freedom’ remains one of the best and concise takes on the word that I have read, because it reflects and has also shaped my concept of ‘freedom’.