Friday, July 30, 2004

Don't despair

Desparation pushes the limits of ability beyond the realms of possibility.

I managed to submit the assignment on time.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Are we or are we not?

Do I really exist? I honestly don't know. Could I just be a figment of someone's imagination or a shadow of another's dream? Does my existence have a purpose? Does it matter?
What does it mean to 'exist' anyway? My existence... is it the space that I occupy within the infinite boundaries of the universe or my thoughts and actions? What do I signify? Am I part of a cycle of creation or destruction?
I wouldn't count on anybody to give me the answers and I am sure that I may not have the capacity to fathom these answers. Maybe there aren't any answers out there. But to me; all that matters is whether we truly exist in one-another's hearts. I hold many dear ones in my heart, and and to me, their existence is real and it matters. I can only hope for a similar existence in theirs.