Saturday, January 29, 2005

Walking with her shadow

I danced with an angel on a starry night
On a cloud in a misty dream
Floating through the mist and trance
Her face alit with a piercing beam
I caught a glimpse of her glimmering eyes
They looked so much like the stars
I was too afraid to hold her hand
As we danced away on wet blue grass

A million stars and a crescent moon
Shone above all through the night
The mountain peaks in a misty haze
Were hidden beyond my flimsy sight
I watched the stars and mountain mist
With the dawning sunbeams disappear
But love endured in a broken heart
And drowned it in a brackish tear

Shadows of angels shine in the dark
In daylight they burn like a blazing fire
They douse and tend the thirsty heart
But in content minds they brew desire
Dreams bring back those gleaming eyes
And blind mine with qualms of history
I lope through days and nights alone
But her shadow walks along with me

I'm back!!!

Now I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a conspiracy to keep me from posting on this blog. Besides being tied down with work, I could not log in. Every time I enter my username and password, I would be logged into someone else’s blog – I am guessing that was reading the wrong cookie because the blogs I got into often belonged to someone at Uni (I am using Uni computers). Anyway, the system administrators seem to have solved it after a couple of thousand complaints (they even fixed the CD-RWs!!!).

Conspiracy or not, here I am doing my bit to maintain my meagre existence in the blogosphere!