Sunday, June 27, 2004

Paradise lost...

An ode to home; on a cold winter night Down-Under... plagued by assignments and exams...

Glide me beyond the clouds so high
To where the wind blows softly in my face
Where the ocean meets the land and sky
And foams the shores with a silvery lace

Take me back to those starry nights
Where the mountain whispers to the moon
Where the morning mist hides the city lights
And a butterfly leaps from its sleepy cocoon

Bring back those memories and vivid dreams
Of the princess who ruled my forsaken heart
I can still barely feel the warm sunbeams
And the tingling sensation of cupid’s dart

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Missing yet another day in paradise

My stomach which is usually full to its contentment is churning and romping in hunger. I did eat four pieces of toast in the morning but that would have been at least eight or nine hours ago. I am typing away into my computer when I should be boiling pasta and cooking some sort of sauce that I can eat it with. Because the facts of life I am faced with now, dictates that “if I don’t cook; then I can’t eat”. Its as simple as that!

<5 minutes later>
There is not much left in the fridge that I could chop-mix-and-heat into a decent meal. This means I will have to do some shopping right now, or by the time I manage to cook something, I would be dead of starvation. Who would be thinking of dying with an exam just around the corner no? So I am off to the supermarket to get something to eat.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Where art thou freedom
Thou hast crept under my bed
When out of unbearable boredom
Empty minutes I shed

Data Structures and Algorithms
Hast come to haunt me still
My heart beating to 'blues' rhythems
When I try to gather my will

The exam tomorrow is givin' me chills
I just want to survive the day
I have to avoid the major spills
Until I manage to find my way

Oh freedom! Don't run away
I am rtying to keep my pace
I have to keep my longings at bay
As dawns another day to face

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In the voyage of life...

Love is the tide that directs our journey in life, and the wind that pushes us forward and gives flight to our hopes and dreams. It is also the storm that tests our resolve and faith. Love is also the hull that keeps us afloat in the sea of strife and it is the destination, the land of discovery and promise. It is a world full of treasures untold hidden behind mythical dangers within the depths of our own hearts and minds.


When I believe, I become