Wednesday, September 20, 2006


When I roam the great mountains
Above a silent lake
Memories of a wondrous boyhood
From their silent rest awake
I walk through granite pillars
And sit by the quiet pond
To live through that old enchantment
And unyielding bond

  The wind blows silent voices
  Of old friends I cannot see
  But the heart of a youthful lion
  Still beats in me

I learnt from ageless traditions
To tread the rightful way
And lessons of timeless meaning
In the fields of joyous play
My mind, body and spirit
Will sing this unending song
Of memories confined in the past
And legends bygone

I crossed the great wide oceans
On changing winds of time
Her honour I held within me
Preserved in a gist sublime
The continents shall echo
With roars and zealous rhymes
When I look with cheerful yearning
To the end of times

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