Sunday, October 31, 2004


In the middle of a momentary loss of consciousness – of the fact that final exams are starting in two days and that I should do something about the resolution I made to make an honest effort to study this time around – I figured that unless I fail a unit (which is not an insignificant possibility) I would have submitted the very last assignment out of all those that plagued me in this miserable undergrad life.
It is also in such flashes of unconscious, mindless contemplation that I actually wonder what the heck I am complaining about being an undergrad after all.

The point is… why is “being mindless and unconscious” and “being sensible”, fall on opposite sides of this subliminal scale of thought?

Friday, October 22, 2004


The death is announced of: Creativity
Beloved wife of Freedom;
Youngest daughter of Imagination and Knowledge;
Loving mother of Art, Entertainment, Originality and Inspiration;
Grandmother of Science, Discovery, Resourcefulness and Vision;
Passed away yesterday under a pile of assignments.

Burial will take place tomorrow at -
Nogoodbooktoread cemetery,
Notimetoread St,
Pathetic 1234

No flowers or tears please.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


I am totally uninspired, bored and tired. The rush of creativity and excitement that once satisfied my hunger and thirst has been flushed down the paradoxical commode of undergraduate life. I need emergency treatment… I need intensive care… I need… a good book to sink into…

Jane Austen; here I come…

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Kind words

A kind word once spoken, no louder than the sound of a tear falling on to my lap, is still a word with the power to change a life, a word with the radiance of the sun, which outlasting their speaker, travels as far as that amazing vibrant light; from a long extinguished star.

Thanks Aash...

Monday, October 04, 2004

Changing seasons & life

A little tree shed an autumn leaf
And as it floated through the air,
A little cloud veiled the setting sun
And masked its blinding glare.
The leaf and cloud in my sleepy eye;
Seemed more than a crimson flare.
But a lovely second of a forlorn day;
A magical moment, with no one to share.

Turned dusk to dawn and day to night;
And my heart endured a winter’s cold.
In spring with laughter and childish dreams,
Mirth returned and thoughts were bold.
With peace of mind and a joyful heart
I remain, to watch the years unfold.
Will life be filled with surprises and joy
And contentment worth treasures untold?

Did the autumn leaf as it floated around,
Remember the sunshine of youthful sway?
Will it rest in peace and enrich the ground,
Or by the council truck; be swept away?