Saturday, March 25, 2006


Many friends and strangers have touched my life
Shared happy memories and held me through strife
We basked in the sun and survived stormy weather
Walked hand in hand and stood by one another

Yet it’s very strange when I think about the topic
Of the years I spent in my beloved island tropic
The magic of time that transformed in a few years
A bunch of strangers into best friends among peers

Through the best years of our lives we swam the tide
We have endured the seas and held on to our pride
Earth will bear witness with the heavens above
That our world was filled with faithfulness and love

Beyond the horizon in many distant strange lands
We are separated by oceans and hot dessert sands
But in spirit we unite, even now as grown men
Like in the days of old when we roared at the den

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Golden post

I do not know why the rhythm of my heart,
Beats so strangely on this moonlit evening.
It's a mystery who painted a lasting smile
On my dreary face, or am just I dreaming?

I think it’s because…

A thousand poems are trapped in my chest,
Leaping out and rhyming with delight.
Their rythm describe what words cannot;
The sight of her eyes and their starry light.

A thousand songs at the tip of my tongue
Are dancing with glee, with my uneven pulse.
The picture of all my hopes and dreams;
Is in her beaming smile and daring impulse

But I know I don’t need a thousand rhymes
Or a thousand songs to tell her how I feel.
I will hold her hand and whisper in her ears;
Let her feel my heart and its unbolted seal.