Thursday, September 14, 2006

Listen to the wind...

I think I heard you
Whisper a little secret
Softly, to my heart
I can’t sit still anymore
Listening to the wind
Or gaze silently at stars
For you are with me
I dance with you in my dreams
Hold you in my thoughts
I sense your heart beat in mine
And suffer your qualms
Distance may separate us
Yet I feel your pulse
I wonder if you feel mine
Trapped in our corners
Of a small and startling world
We remain strangers
Often afraid to reach out
Fearing the unknown
I clutch my heart in caution
My desires contained
But light entrapped in my heart
Escapes though the eyes
Each day brings new promises
More reasons to smile
Blessings I have not prayed for
And then I wonder
Why stars burn so brightly now
Than they did before
My guitar strings are broken
Yet I sing in bliss
Is it you who filled my heart
And life with purpose?
I will wait here patiently
And sing with the birds
Until our hearts are furnished
Then I’ll run to you
To take your hand and whisper
My heart’s secret wish

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