Monday, September 04, 2006

My secret wish

A couple of weeks ago, I was lying on a tuft in the park well after sunset and gazing at the stars. I lay on the wet grass for a few hours waiting to see a shooting star, so that I could make a secret wish before trotting back to a thesis that was nearing completion. The shooting star never came. I pleaded with God, but to no avail. A silent voice inside me said “come here tomorrow and you will find your shooting star”.
I couldn’t make the appointment the following day as I spent my afternoons typing into a lifeless keyboard that filled up a thesis with words and images of my thoughts, creations and reading. So it was only after submitting the thesis last Thursday that I had a chance to jog back to the little tuft, to watch the stars and (almost-half) moon. No sooner than I had laid down on the wet grass, a streak of light that appeared at the corner of my eye, made its way across the sky before burning up… my shooting star... a meteor... a magic ‘make-your-wishes-come-true’ machine... or just a figment of my imagination?
I made my secret wish and trotted back home with a smile in my heart.

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