Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If only...

(With apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

If you can float in life without your morals drowning
And never in vanity, struggle with time or age.
If you can smile, when the whole world is frowning,
Knowing the veils and candor of laughter and rage.
If you can commit each day and hour to learning
And be wise enough; not your inanity to conceal,
Be brave enough to surrender your heart to yearning
Yet have strength, never to yield your soul to zeal

If you can remain faithful, through life ever changing
And equal respect to wisdom and emotion grant.
If you can know the edge of calm and of deranging
And appreciate the power of silence and exploding rant
If the colours of a rainbow can stir and inspire you
Or to quench your thirst from morning dew drops dare
Know the hearts that secretly admire and detest you
And brilliant minds by the magnificent dreams they bear...

Then i guess you are pretty cool...

But if you are the type who fall in love with strangers
Yet act as if your heart has been locked in a deep vault
And avoid crossing roads, perceiving threats and dangers
Of navigating through traffic or a careless drivers fault
If you drink wine, boasting of alcohol's medicinal assets
Or whenever you are contradicted, argue, debate and run
You are a part of society and one of its intriguing facets
And, which is more; you are also a hypocrite, my son!