Thursday, November 30, 2006

Evening rite

When the sun retires
In the western sea
And the horizon
Is hemmed with a purple seam
I run to meet
A little gravel road
That treads along a little stream

The road is busy,
Many weary faces pass me
And disappear
Around a distant turn
My heart is pounding
And sweat pours down
Like dew drops from a fern

The world
Suddenly grows old on me
As the warmth of day
Turns into dark cold night
One by one, little stars awake
As if stirred
By bright moonlight

The trees whisper in the wind
While I lie on a tuft
The back of my T-shit; wet
With sweat and evening dew
And hear insects
Burst with happy songs
Like and orchestra
On their conductor's cue

The clouds part
And I see the face of God
He whispers gently in my ear
Secret dreams take flight
And I trot back home
As hope replaces fear

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