Tuesday, November 28, 2006


One of my best friends got engaged last weekend, up in the hills of Paradise Isle and her friends were nice enough as always, to mail me pictures of the engagement party. Lo and behold, I noticed that one of our friends was wearing a sari that had a stark resemblance to a set of bed sheets and curtains that my mother had bought sometime back! Even though women's fashion had lost its ability to 'shock' me anymore, I was a bit puzzled and so asked my friend as politely as possible why her friend (and mine) was wearing something that looked like a bed sheet to my untrained eye (making sure she understood that I was not suggesting for a moment that our mutual friend had stolen my mother's bed sheets). After the usual complaints about the limitations of the "male psyche", she proceeded to explain that it was just a "handloom" sari. But, calling it a cool name like "handloom" could not do much to make me logically conclude that what our friend wore was not a bed sheet.
With all due respect to the ladies, I personally don't think there's anything wrong about a girl wearing a bed sheet to an engagement party - for all my wit's worth, I would even call it a bold fashion statement and I am sure I could find something in my good senses to admire the lady's daring sense of adventure and spirit of non-conformity. But then again, I know my observations are going to be blamed on the testosterone and my sanity is going to be questioned.
Honestly the friend in question could even be said to have good dress sense. If there was ever a problem about what she wore, I would blame it on some narrow-minded interior decorator who suddenly thought he/she could be a dress designer...! Let's catch the bugger and sentence him/her to a lifetime of wearing a pillowcase made from the latest set of 'handlooms' my mother had bought... what do you say?

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