Sunday, September 05, 2004

Of a dream so real...

She came to me in a dream last night and spoke to me. We chatted away for hours as if we had been best friends all our lives. We talked about our sweet yesterdays and planned our tomorrows as we leaned on each other with the sun on our faces. We ran and waltzed on wet blue grass. I held her hand as we walked across the sand. I felt her cold wet hands on mine; her touch felt so real that I can almost feel it now as I think of it. I looked into her eyes and she into mine and we smiled. Yes, she smiled that wonderful smile that made me fall in love with her and for a moment everything stood still. Time with its eons of history and eons of things yet to come just froze for a moment. That moment felt like a brief minute which passed by so slowly, yet so swiftly that it was gone before I could grasp its peace and serenity. I wish it lasted longer because I cannot remember when it was last, that I felt that peaceful feeling, or when it was last that I dreamt of her, but I will remember it this time. I will remember this dream for the pleasant memories it brought back to life. I will remember her face that gleamed on me and the precious moments I spent with her in bliss, secretly in a dream on a cold lonely night.

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