Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I am casting my vote for the goat...

Its election time down under. but while the Liberals and Labour battle it out for the October polls it is election time in uni as well… we are faced with the daunting task of selecting the student reps and office bearers for next year.

Who the hell cares! I mean does it matter who it is… as long as I know that nobody nominated me.. and I have no chance of getting thrown into the cauldron I am happy to take the tram to uni each day.

But like hell… very few people if any seem to share my point of view. Not a minute goes by without somebody bumping onto me begging for my vote. Darn… it’s worse than the general elections in Sri Lanka I tell you... at least back home, you have the violence to keep you entertained during the campaigns.

The worst part is I have hardly seen most of these people! (No that could actually be the best part) They ask for my vote and I am like “errr… are you from this university? You sure you are not lost… because this is a university…” and they rip of their student IDs as proof! Geezzz such desperation… for what?

Ahh… but I don’t know these things… why… what a thing it would be to put on your resume! Then I hear the “Antharr Vishva Vidyala Shishya Bala Mandalaya” buggers grinding their teeth many oceans away. What would happen if they put that on their resume? Those poor souls will be unemployed for life!

Anyway, I will have to battle this out for another week. But it has its pros too. We bumped into a girl yesterday… Smoking cigarette in her hand which was decorated with countless rings of all sorts, and gazillions of metal pieces protruding from her face and belly… she stoped us in her own ‘cool’ way handed some leaflets pleading for our votes, puffed enough smoke into the air to turn a pig into bacon and strolled off.

But excuse me… I am not a member of your cult… but thats no mater. What plans for next week? you guys planning on killing a goat and drinking its blood on Full moon? And hey... can i have its meat... after all since i voted for you and all... because lamb and beef is really expensive these days you know... and we International students can't afford it...

oh… the life of undergrads… will it last forever?