Friday, August 13, 2004

When the wind blows

When the gentle wind is in the trees
And the sun hides behind the haze
When dreams have floated far away
My frozen heart is set ablaze

When the gentle wind is in the trees
I run outside and ask the blow
Did you see that lovely girl?
Her jet black hair dancing in the breeze
Her gentle ways and eyes that glow
In her heart a precious pearl…

Did you carry that sweetest voice?
Tell me did she breathe you in?
Did she have a message for me?
Was she thinking of me deep within?

I hear the murmur of the leaves
As they whisper in my ears
And soft dew drops kiss my face
Are they heaven’s tears?

Maybe the wind is trying to speak
But its voice I cannot hear
Why does my heart leap out in joy;
And then is gripped with fear?

The gentle wind that crossed the seas
It can never wipe the memories past
But it will blow away my pain
Blow yet stronger my gentle breeze
And carry me over the oceans vast
Where tears will blend with rain

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