Monday, August 23, 2004

Breaking news!

Scientists and researchers at the Valentino Research Institute (VRI) of Marhartwyle in Australia have found that love is the leading cause of heartache and pain in both men and women all over the world. The statistics uncovered by the research is alarming as there is no known cure for the decease which is believed to be caused by the sting of an arrow of a blind and mischievous saint.

The research indicate that hugging pillows and daydreaming, adoring the pictures of the object of their love and an irregular heart-beat in the presence of their sweet-hearts are among the early symptoms of the decease which may lead to a life-long bondage called 'marriage' in terminally infected victims. Previous studies including some of the oldest pieces of literature ever known to civilization claim that “love is eternal” suggesting the possibility that the decease could remain in its victims even after death. The data collected in this lifetime remains inconclusive regarding the perpetuity of love and further testing is planned – during the researchers’ after life.

Researchers also warned that there is yet to be found a testable vaccine for this decease, even though the study has found that the natural immune systems of a handful of totally insensitive people have successfully repelled the infection in their hearts. They emphasised that a cold heart and hanging out with losers and desperados will reduce the possibility of "falling in love" while listening to love songs and watching romantic movies could artificially induce few of the early symptoms of love in some rare (nut) cases.

If you think you are "falling in love" or if you know of someone who has been recently infected, celebrate the immaculate birth of love in its new abode and be inspired by its power. Trying to cure the decease by keeping your feelings suppressed or breaking up other peoples romances is NOT recommended. (Watching horror movies or listening to heavy-metal music doesn’t help either… trust me!)

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