Monday, August 16, 2004

A prayer

Monday 16th August - 11.58am (AEST)

When you went to bed last evening
And closed your eyes to dream
I was missing you so dearly
It felt like I wanted to scream

It’s been a while since that foregone day
When you and I had to part our way
While through the night in sleep you lay
I whispered a prayer for you today

Did you know when you rose again
You’ve been in my thoughts all day
In your quest to find happiness and peace
When you take on the world today

As you stepped out with the morning sun
To start a new chapter in life
I closed my eyes and whispered a prayer
That your strength may win over strife

This is just a good luck charm
With best wishes for the coming years
To let you know we'll forever be friends
Till the sun and moon disappears

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