Saturday, May 05, 2007

Waiting by the riverside

I sat by the river and dreamt of the night
When you held my hand and I held you tight
A million stars fell down from their height
Yet the world seemed brighter
For a forlorn old fighter
And a kiss is all I remember
Of that night

I ran up the mountain just to hear your voice
Didn’t know how anyone could my heart so entice
You know there’ll never be too high a price
That I would pay just to hear
You whisper in my ear
And to see a happy tear
In your eyes

The wind blows promises from a far away place
I imagine the smile on your pretty little face
When we dance hand in hand
And dream of things grand
Our hearts will keep pace
And guide us through this maze
And I’ll wait for you by the riverside-
As we navigate time’s twisted pathways