Sunday, July 09, 2006

A sailor's quest

A lone ship drifting far out in the ocean
Led by a sailor with unyielding devotion
Sailing away from his golden beach
To an unseen port he is destined to reach
Guided by the stars at night in its course
The wind on his sails are his friends and foes
Braving the storms that others would dread
He sails with his eyes looking firmly ahead
At times he drifts with the ocean currents
Battered by the wind and harmful torrents
Trusting the compass of a perceptive mind
The path of his vessel he has clearly defined
The sea has proved that his spirit is fit
And the harrow of time has calmed his wit
But beacons of light in the distant shore
Tests his patience and burgeoning lore
The ocean in its grand and lonely expanse
His exhausted heart, it often would lance
But the hand of his captain on his shoulders rest
Though invisible they guide him in his daily quest

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