Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Our lantern white...

A lone white lantern dangles in the air
Lit by a candle burning bright and bare
A heart is dreaming about a maiden fair
Her startling smile and glazy eyed stare

Four hands did make the lantern white
As two hearts danced in blissful height
One flirting look and a mocking fight
Mixed in laughter made a frendship tight

The lone white lantern; in the wind it trills
Its light spilling out through naked frills
The lantern and candle in their daily drills
Lights their hearts with smiles and thrills

(Choose your own ending)

A gust blew the candle dim and dark
Hearts had lost their dreams and spark
The hull of a lantern; now merely a bark
Dangles in the corner of a forgotten park


Dancing in the wind our lantern white
Inspiring, uplifting and burning so bright
May eyes that behold this glorious sight
Light up and share love’s blissful flight