Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Year Wish

I thought of you, with my bespectacled face
Falling asleep in the middle of a night-shift
I thought I would write a few verses in pace
And mail it to you as my new year’s gift

It beats my comprehension whenever I ask why
It expends a dozen months to start a new year
Perhaps they go by the many stars in the sky
But the concept in my mind is not yet very clear

Why does the year have to conclude in December
Making January the first long month in the calendar
Someone once told me, but I can’t quite remember
A tall tale that I had to be strained through a colander

In December or April or with a November sun set
It matters not now when the past years did end
But remember the good times and people we met
It’s time to bridge gaps and lost friendships amend

So here is a wish that I just blew into the wind
Remember its message with every breath you take
Though weak in body don’t let your spirit be thinned
As through the new year, life’s journey you make

May your heart be filled with happiness and love
And your mind be blessed with wisdom and wit
Make space in this world for another white dove
And light a candle in darkness let us all do our bit

Though near or far, you may have touched my life
In a special way to make me send you this letter
So I pray that you will grow in courage through strife
May the New Year turn all in your life to the better

But again I ask “why?” for I still don’t see the reason
Why December alone is known as the merry ‘season’
To ask simpler queries I may never ever be wise
Why do I write verse when a sentence would suffice?

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