Saturday, October 22, 2005


I will be free and break through any shell that confines me
I will travel the world and open my mind to its richness
I will seek to discover myself and understand those around me
I will be content and happy with myself
I will be ambitious and seek to improve
I will be proud but not insensitive or arrogant
I will be humble yet never fail to stand up for myself
I will defend the week and helpless
I will be strong enough to admit my own weaknesses
I will be courageous and never give up
I will not spare my efforts
I will find my reward in the experience
I will be truthful but I admit that I have lied
I will not be too quick to judge or too slow to appreciate
I will believe in integrity and truth
I will not succumb to evil or let riches enslave me
I will preserve my belief yet be open to new ideas and change
I will laugh often and smile with sincerity
I will always have faith and hope
I will lead by example and inspiration
I will always be faithful and honest
I will treat others with dignity
I will invest encouragement and kindness in others
I will uphold what is just and respectable
I will deplore what is unjust and immoral
I will not treat my enemies with enmity or hate
I will be graceful in defeat and modest in victory
I will seek to grow in wisdom
I will learn to be responsible for myself and my actions
I will revere nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me
I will give of myself and of what I have
I will live a simple and meaningful life
I will love

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