Thursday, September 08, 2005

What's the point?

Don’t you think that it’s sad that most of us go through life half way or more before we ask ourselves “what’s the point?” Take no offence, but there are countless idiots among us who would die well before they ask themselves what it is they really want in life.

I mean it’s not just about life in general… take education for example… we go through many years in school even before we are mature enough to ask ourselves as to why we did all the things we did. Why is it such a big deal when you become first in class? Isn’t second or third good enough? Isn’t it good enough that you just passed? Why are we then preoccupied with University rankings; looking for nothing but the best universities? Wouldn’t any university degree be better than just having you’re A/Ls? Why do you then want to work for the best company and highest salary? Why do you think you need to buy a Mercedes? Isn’t a Toyota good enough? Isn’t public transport good enough? This is not about wanting what is best… it’s about why we choose to do most of the things we do. Why choose one thing over another? Simply… why bother?

I am not even questioning the motives behind our actions? Most of us are obviously motivate to do and get the “best”. But all I am asking is why? What’s the point? Why do people support political parties? Why do we look for recognition and acceptance? Why do we compete with each other? Why do we exploit nature to the extent that we destroy its resources that sustain our very lives? Why do we kill each other because we want their land or they want ours, or because they speak a different language or use a different name when they talk to God? Why do we fall in love? Why do we fall apart? How come cologne smells “good” but cow-dung doesn’t? What are the physical attributes that separate what is beautiful from what is not? What’s the point of having polarities in our perception of what is nice & ugly, music & noise, good & bad or right & wrong?

What’s the point of democracy? What’s the point in dying for “my country”? What’s the point in having lawyers and economists? What’s the point in having writers and journalists? What’s the point in funding science and technology research? What’s the point in electing politicians?

How do these elements contribute to my existence and well being? Who am I? what am I doing writing in this blog?