Monday, June 06, 2005

Back with a song...

It's been a while since I last wrote
A letter for the sake of good old times
So I came to Uni and cleared my throat
To write a letter - a verse that rhymes

A year and a half has whistled by
With time we grow in mind and age
Time has been in short supply
To notice the world beyond my hedge

A faster life has always bred
Little time for the creative mind
Tutes and tests that plagued my head
Would never let the brain unwind

Through strife and bliss I've lived to tell
A tale of joy and humble pride
One of gratitude for at times I fell
Many have helped me keep my stride

I hope that life has been good to you
Through many days that kept us apart
But memories of the things you do
I have always carried in my heart

This is a hint – an alarm bell
To warn you of an impending threat
In a few weeks I'll fly from hell
And land in paradise – it's time to fret

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