Monday, October 04, 2004

Changing seasons & life

A little tree shed an autumn leaf
And as it floated through the air,
A little cloud veiled the setting sun
And masked its blinding glare.
The leaf and cloud in my sleepy eye;
Seemed more than a crimson flare.
But a lovely second of a forlorn day;
A magical moment, with no one to share.

Turned dusk to dawn and day to night;
And my heart endured a winter’s cold.
In spring with laughter and childish dreams,
Mirth returned and thoughts were bold.
With peace of mind and a joyful heart
I remain, to watch the years unfold.
Will life be filled with surprises and joy
And contentment worth treasures untold?

Did the autumn leaf as it floated around,
Remember the sunshine of youthful sway?
Will it rest in peace and enrich the ground,
Or by the council truck; be swept away?