Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snippet (5)

(c) Harendra Alwis

Time... has stolen another bright morning from us. I didn’t hear the birdsongs that you may have heard and perhaps you didn’t feel the soft, soothing breeze that wrapped me as I lazed away in bed. The exhilarating exhaustions and pain of my battered sinews on this warm day has dipped below the distant horizon with the crimson sun. A heart that once ran with the wind and danced in the rain now sleeps like a little child who has momentarily overspent his ration of energy and animated inquisitions.

Time is about to thieve away another night as my dreams seep out into the cool starlit darkness. I wonder whether the stars are dreaming with me. I dream of you... of the moments, doubts and promises, the smiles, laughter, pain and tears, the music, clamour and silence, the wonders, mysteries and magic I want to share with you. A lifetime is all I have to share with you, and yet I am poorer by another day as the cool breeze and stars fold away into an incomplete memory...