Monday, October 09, 2006

Golden wings

O little butterfly
Perched on my trembling palm
I wish you'd never fly away
Seeking the soft petals of spring buds

Enticed by their sweet nectar
Would you to abandon me here?

Often I secretly wish and dream
That you would find your garden in me
Where the parched rosebuds will flower
With the flutter of your delicate wings
The trees will shade you from the sun
While I gather the dew from my heart
To quench your thirst

For you have shaped my dreams
And my thoughts fly with you
Wherever you flap your wings in the wind

Yet I fear that I may never hold you
For I know that your place is among the flowers
And their sweet fragrance belong to you

But let this little dream linger in my heart
At least for another day
Which I submit to God with every breath
A sacred wish with golden wings

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