Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wading through murky waters

I cannot kiss you
For you do not love me the way I love you
I cannot touch you
For you are not mine, though I am yours
I cannot see you
Even though my heart longs with every beat
To catch a glimpse of your pretty face
I cannot hear you say you love me too
Our ears are submerged in the silence of night

You hold my hand and I hold yours
Not knowing each other
Our faces covered by the mists of fear
Two weary hearts beating in unison
Are singing a song
The music drowning in murky waters
Secret desires set on fire
Secret hopes take flight
Secret dreams light up like stars in the sky

I still cannot kiss you or put my arms around you
Even though your eyes survey the depths of my soul
You are too afraid to step into my heart
Even though you breathe the same air
And dream the same dreams as I
Our hearts are weak
They are not strong enough
To join the days of our lives and weave them together
You are lost among the stars
And I am not brave enough to say “I love you”

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