Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blank pages

I stare
In to blank pages
Simple questions with
Multiple answers

Time stands still
As the minutes flow
With a digital clock
And a generation
Impatiently waiting
To be inspired

How can blank pages
Inspire minds
That were lit by starlight
How can eyes
Unlocked by moonlight
See the truth
Typed in bold fonts?

Hearts around me
Beat in suspense
Minds hard at work
Sweaty palms scribbling
On blank pages
Feeding the egotist desire
To surpass another

A bell tolls
Marking the end
Of a race without winners
Looks of anticipation
In doubtful eyes
Casting shadows of hope
On tired faces
As blank pages
Pile up like small towers

The future awaits outside…
A confused generation
Walks out of the hallways
Through narrow corridors
To conquer
The world and all the oceans
And chronicle their stories
On blank pages

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