Sunday, March 12, 2006

Golden post

I do not know why the rhythm of my heart,
Beats so strangely on this moonlit evening.
It's a mystery who painted a lasting smile
On my dreary face, or am just I dreaming?

I think it’s because…

A thousand poems are trapped in my chest,
Leaping out and rhyming with delight.
Their rythm describe what words cannot;
The sight of her eyes and their starry light.

A thousand songs at the tip of my tongue
Are dancing with glee, with my uneven pulse.
The picture of all my hopes and dreams;
Is in her beaming smile and daring impulse

But I know I don’t need a thousand rhymes
Or a thousand songs to tell her how I feel.
I will hold her hand and whisper in her ears;
Let her feel my heart and its unbolted seal.

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