Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Missing yet another day in paradise

My stomach which is usually full to its contentment is churning and romping in hunger. I did eat four pieces of toast in the morning but that would have been at least eight or nine hours ago. I am typing away into my computer when I should be boiling pasta and cooking some sort of sauce that I can eat it with. Because the facts of life I am faced with now, dictates that “if I don’t cook; then I can’t eat”. Its as simple as that!

<5 minutes later>
There is not much left in the fridge that I could chop-mix-and-heat into a decent meal. This means I will have to do some shopping right now, or by the time I manage to cook something, I would be dead of starvation. Who would be thinking of dying with an exam just around the corner no? So I am off to the supermarket to get something to eat.

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